Our Mission

What gets us out of bed in the morning?

A whiff of coffee? Yes, but being a breakfast company, we’d be lying if we didn’t say what fires our bellies is making the best tasting and most nutritious cereals we can.

A very close second that gets the blood pumping is our love for nature and protecting our precious green spaces.

We get a bit knock-kneed and giddy at the first bursts of spring blossom, a summer sunset or trees turning gold in autumn, because for us, nature provides so much. Our delicious ingredients for a start – so it’s only right that we are there for nature too.

And we can thank our founders, Bill & David Jordan for this incredible legacy. They’re the chaps that started us on this journey of loving, growing and protecting nature over 36 years ago. Their knowhow on making blooming tasty cereals since the early 70’s is firmly in our DNA. And for us, the two go hand in hand. We make really good cereals and we make sure nature is looked after too.

Our Values

Sourcing the best ingredients

We source the best ingredients from across the globe to create delicious and nutritious cereals.

Naturally Delicious

We never add artificial additives like preservatives or colourings. We choose our ingredients because they have all this goodness naturally.

Protecting Nature

We work hard to keep your breakfast bowl bursting with the goodness of nature by keeping our world bursting with nature too through our work with The Jordans Farm Partnership

The Jordans Farm Partnership

Our heartland is sourcing the best natural ingredients, baking and mixing them into delicious, lip-smacking cereals. But, at the very heart of this, is loving, growing and protecting the nature that gives so much to us.

That’s why we’re good mates with our farmers who grow our oats. This friendship allows us to roll up our sleeves with them, to make sure we’re doing our very best for nature.

From this passion we formed a partnership with 31 of our farmers, The Wildlife Trusts, Leaf and The Princes Countryside fund to care for our precious green spaces and our farmland to support nature and we call that The Jordans Farm Partnership.

Jordans supports carbon positive farming through the JFP.

Reducing food miles

We like to keep things local when we can and over half of our Jordans Farm Partnership oat farmers are within 50 miles of our bakery in Biggleswade.

When we do get ingredients from abroad, however, we always look to use sea freight to make sure they’re coming with the lowest impact possible.

Global Projects

Helping nature doesn’t just start and end at home, it must be a global effort.

We’re helping nature with projects in the Bolivian rainforest and Californian almond groves to help keep our world bursting with nature.

Fighting food waste

By working with FareShare and local foodbanks, we make sure as little goes to waste as possible. That’s why we were incredibly proud to donate the equivalent of over 24,000 breakfasts to FareShare in 2020, helping those in need get access to great breakfasts.

Packaging and recycling

When it comes to packaging, we’re definitely not perfect, but we do promise that there are heaps going on behind the scenes to reduce the amount we use and make it recyclable.

Our packaging makes sure you can enjoy our cereals for a long time, but recycling it can be tricky as different materials are recycled in different ways by different councils. But we can’t wait for councils to catch up. That’s why (finger’s crossed!) we’ll have some great news to share with you on this soon.