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Crunchy to the last bite

They’re a keen-eyed lot our master cluster bakers. They bake each cluster by eye, so they get perfectly baked oat clusters every time, and they are experts in creating the perfect blend of fruit, nuts and golden clusters that make them so moreish.

Looking after nature with the Jordans Farm Partnership

Did you know at least 1500 species of insects pollinate plants in the UK including bumble bees, the honeybee, solitary bees, hoverflies, wasps, flies, beetles, butterflies and moths?

For over 35 years, our oat farmers have been making space for wildlife on their farms at the request of Jordans, and from this passion we formed the Jordans Farm Partnership.


with tropical fruits

Our Crunchy Oat Granolas are packed with delicious oat clusters and with Tropical Fruits, you get exactly what it says on the ‘tin’, it’s a mouth-watering combination

Looking for the Jordans Mill and heritage centre? To see where it all began go to: Jordans Mill – Historic Mill and Gardens, Bedfordshire