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Our Story 1st level banner image finals

Our Story

It all started in a little market town called Biggleswade…

And began with our founders...

The Jordans Brother​s

Look at them - *swoon* Two local fellas from a town called Biggleswade, in Bedfordshire. Bill and David Jordan craved adventure out of the Shire and so in the summer of 1969 packed themselves off faster than a cockle doodle doo to California (not with Bryan Adams), where after grooving around a bit, discovered a rather interesting new cereal – Granola.

With a few bags stuffed in a suitcase, they came home, sat Mum, Dad and nana down and declared we’re going to bake this stuff, but even better.

And so, it began. In 1972 Crunchy G was born. The UK’s first, natural, golden cluster Granola. The brothers didn’t stop there with ‘firsts’ ​In 1981, they introduced the first ever cereal bar to the UK too and that was called The Original Crunchy Bar.

You can still visit the original mill in Biggleswade where you can stroll through the nature filled gardens and see the history of Jordans come to life. Find out more at: Jordans Mill - Historic Mill and Gardens, Bedfordshire

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Bee Bee Bee

So, who are the boys and gals at Jordans HQ now?

Well for starters we’re a bunch of foodies – we love proper food, food that has been grown by nature and not messed about with.

We also love nature in all its forms. From gardeners, allotment growers to explorers of the high seas. And there’s one thing we all agree on, there is nothing quite like a long walk in nature to blow away the cobwebs.

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Meet the team

Angharad Wynne-Thomas

Consumer Experience Advisor

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Beverley Woodward

Content Manager

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Charlotte Blampied

Brand Manager

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Emma Collins

Product Development Controller

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Hilary Passmore

Internal Designer & Illustrator

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Mark Anderson

JDR Environmental Manager

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Melissa Green

Jordans Innovation Manager

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Nina Howse

Digital Manager

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Polly Rattue

Senior Brand Manager - Sustainability

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Tess Lomax

Brand Controller

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Close Group

Our Mission

What gets us out of bed in the morning? ​

A whiff of coffee? Yes, but being a breakfast company, we’d be lying if we didn’t say that what fires our bellies is making the best tasting and nutritious cereals we can. ​

A very close second that gets the blood pumping is our love for nature and protecting our precious green spaces. ​

We get a bit knock-kneed and giddy at the first bursts of spring blossom, a summer sunset or trees turning gold in autumn. Because for us, nature provides so much including our delicious ingredients – so it’s only right that we are there for nature too. ​

And we can thank our founders, Bill & David Jordan for this incredible legacy. They’re the chaps that started us on this journey of loving, growing and protecting nature over 36 years ago. Their knowhow on making blooming tasty, nature friendly cereals since the early 70’s is firmly in our DNA. And for us, the two go hand in hand. We make really good cereals and we make sure nature is looked after too.

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Farm Fence

Our Values

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Sourcing the best ingredients

We source the best ingredients from across the globe to create delicious and nutritious cereals.

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Naturally Delicious

We never add salt or artificial additives like preservatives or colourings. We choose our ingredients because they have all this goodness naturally.

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Protecting Nature

We work hard to keep your breakfast bowl bursting with the goodness of nature by keeping our world bursting with nature too through our Jordans Farm Partnership.

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