Global Ingredients Activity - Harvest Festival Live

The food we eat comes from all over the world as different climates & different types of nature are needed to grow different types of food.  Learn about where your food comes from by exploring a cereal bar recipe.


  1. Explore how it takes not just oats but ingredients from around the world to make a cereal bar by making your own.
  2. Learn more about each ingredient using the fact cards below

Quiz time!  Can you match the ingredients you put in your cereal bar to the country they most likely came from? 


Answers to ingredients & countries quiz

  •  Raisins: Turkey or California
  • Butter: United Kingdom
  • Oats: most of the oats we eat are grown in United Kingdom
  • Honey: anywhere where there are bees! But biggest exporters are China, Argentina, India & Mexico
  • Rice Crispies: China, India & Indonesia produce the most rice in the world.
  • Sugar: United Kingdom

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