Almond Groves

Alongside our lovely British oats, we use natural ingredients from growers around the world so you can enjoy the crunch of brazil nuts or juicy raisins in your breakfast.

But for us, sourcing these ingredients is more than just about creating great granola. We work to support biodiversity and give back to nature in the regions where our ingredients are grown, be it the British Countryside or the Bolivian Rainforest. 


Did you know that California produces up to 80% of the world's almonds?

And that each of the trees that produce almonds depends on pollination from honey bees to be productive?

Almond pollen is full of protein and good for bees - but the almond bloom is short and orchards aren't typically places where bees can find good food sources before and after the bloom.  This means colonies can struggle to find the proper nutrients that help them thrive and stay healthy and productive.

So we fund a project with Seeds for Bees to change that!  By planting nutritious plants such as mustard & clover in and around orchards, a richer, more biodiverse environment is created for bees and other insects, providing food & shelter for them when they need it most. Bee - u- tiful.

Mustard Flowers

Almond Groves California
Bee feeding on Mustard

Bee feeding on Mustard

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