International Projects

We have a wide range of projects across the world, all created to help specific needs within the communities that we’re working with. We truly believe in creating a better world, one bowl at a time, and our team is committed to reflecting this belief in everything we do. 

Protecting brazil nut harvesting communities in Bolivia

Brazil nut trees grow in the Amazon as part of an interdependent ecosystem. This means they cannot be successfully commercially grown and are harvested by people going into the rainforest to collect the nuts. Brazil nut trees are protected by law in Bolivia but deforestation around them and habitat degradation means that they are threatened and classed as ‘vulnerable’. 

The Brazil nut harvest is the primary source of income for isolated communities in these rainforest regions. This makes them reliant on the trees and financially insecure if the harvest is poor. Entire communities will migrate into the forest during the ‘collection’ period, living in the forest for several months. Protecting the trees and their environment is key for these communities.

We have designed a project to improve the resilience of the Brazil nut collector communities by protecting existing Brazil nut trees, growing more trees, investing in alternative eco-appropriate income streams (such as harvesting acai berries) and improving awareness of health and sanitation. In order to protect and promote the Brazil nut tree you have to protect and regenerate the forest it relies on so the environmental benefits of this project are widespread.

Providing education for children in Turkey

Turkey has a huge agricultural sector. Many seasonal and migratory workers attend the peak work seasons for different agricultural crops. For example, they will work around the country moving from one crop harvest to another. Many travel with their families including children. This means that their children often do not have access to schooling. This in turn perpetuates poverty, inequality and loss of opportunity. 

To help address these issues we have developed a project to identify children in these systems and ensure they have access to safe education whilst their parents are working. 

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