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Make a bird feeder from a milk carton

A easy project to do this weekend!

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Upcycling can be fun and if you get the kids involved in this project, they’ll be helping biodiversity too! By upcycling a milk carton into a bird feeder, you can let your creative juices flow and then sit and admire all the different species of birds enjoying your tasty treats!

Here’s our step by step guide to upcycle a milk carton

  1. Choose your milk carton (big or small) and give it a rinse out
  2. Allow the inside to dry
  3. Cut a hole in the front or side section big enough for a bird to get in and out of easily
  4. Then you can decorate with paints or felt tips
  5. Using twine or string secure at the top of the carton so you can hang on your tree or outdoor space
  6. Add some small twigs or small logs so the birds can perch as they enjoy the seeds
  7. Add your bird seed in the base of the carton
  8. Hang outside and wait for the birds to come to feast!
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