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Looking after nature with the Jordans Farm Partnership

Caring for nature is at the heart of everything we do (as well as making great tasting cereal!)

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We love that each of our British oat farmers go above and beyond for nature. More barn owls, hares, bats and butterflies? Yes please. But it’s not just about getting to spot more on your weekend walk. Nature in the UK is in trouble; big trouble. According to the Wildlife Trusts’ latest State of Nature report, one in seven native UK species face extinction and the farmland creatures that so many of us are familiar with are in particular trouble, for example: farmland birds have declined more severely than those in any other habitat.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. By working with our 31 British oat farmers, The Wildlife Trusts and LEAF, we’ve protected a staggering 4,060 hectares for wildlife over the last 5 years – that’s an area the size of Oxford
That’s why we're good mates with the farmers who grow our oats – so that we can roll up our sleeves with them to make sure we’re doing our very best for nature. For over 35 years, our oat farmers have been making space for wildlife on their farms at the request of Jordans, and from this passion we formed The Jordans Farm Partnership.
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Find out more about The Jordans Farm Partnership here.

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