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Happy Easter Country Crisp Chocolate Nests

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These little Easter nests are the perfect alternative to Easter eggs and the kids can have fun making them, too.

To make these super little Easter Nests, we've used our Country Crisp Honey & Nut and trust us when we say it tastes DELICIOUS when mixed with melted chocolate.

Ingredients needed:

150g of Country Crisp Honey & Nut

200g Cooks Belgium Milk Chocolate

Accessories to decorate, such as little chicks, lambs or bunnies


Measure 150g into a plastic mixing bowl

With a rolling pin, break down the clusters into finer breadcrumb-like texture

In a bowl, melt the cooks chocolate as per instructions on the pack. We simply melted ours in a bowl in the microwave - checking every 30 secs so as not to burn the chocolate

Combine the melted chocolate with the broken down Country Crisp clusters

Spoon the mixture evenly into 6 muffin cases

Using the back of the spoon create little nests for the eggs to sit in

Once happy with the depth of your nests, pop in the fridge for 1 hour to set hard.

Then once they have set, you can remove the muffin case and decorate with your favourite mini eggs and Easter accessories.


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