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Raisin Chocolate Crunchies

Raisin Chocolate Crunchies

These tasty crunchies use Jordans Country Crisp Flame Raisin to add the delectable crunch, which is then smothered in lush velvety chocolate...Trust us when we say you'll be going back for 2nds...3rds...4ths...

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Harvest Festival LIVE!

On the 9th of October 2020, we partnered with The Wildlife-trusts, Eco-Schools and pop-sensation-come-farmer JB Gill to host the UK’s first ever virtual harvest festival. This was in response to the Coronavirus pandemic which had prevented the traditional school Harvest Festival.

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Flapjack Bites

These delectable breakfast bites combine Jordans Country Crisp Chunky Nut and our Chunky Traditional Porridge to make the best breakfast bite you've ever had.

Rather like a flapjack crispy cluster.... did we just re-invent the wheel?

Pancake brunch

Granola Pancakes

Breakfast, Brunch or Dessert, this recipe is just so versatile. A treat for Pancake lovers.

Jordans Billionaire GÇ Ös Flapjack

Billionaire's Flapjack

Take a bite of this flapjack and wonder no more. Made with melted butter, golden syrup and Jordans Crunchy Oat Granola Fruit & Nut. Then, topped with a layer of salted caramel and sprinkled with more Crunchy Oat Granola; it tastes better than anything money could buy.

Jordans Berry Christmas Cookies

Berry Christmas Cookies Recipe

These cookies use a mix of flour and Jordans Super Berry Granola, sugar, baking powder and ground cinnamon, and are stuck together using gooey golden syrup.

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