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Sunflower Oil to Rapeseed Oil Change

Sunflower Oil to Rapeseed Oil Change

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Sunflower Oil to Rapeseed Oil

Why are we making this change?

A significant proportion of global sunflower oil supply comes from Ukraine. Due to the tragic escalation of conflict in this region, supplies of sunflower oil have been severely restricted.
In order to ensure the continuity of supply of our products, we have made the temporary change from sunflower oil to rapeseed oil.

Which packs of Cereal are affected?

This will affect Jordans products which list oil as an ingredient, with batch code number ‘2127’ or higher. you can find our product batch codes by checking the best before panel on product packaging.

Due to the speed at which events have progressed, we have had to take this measure before being able to reflect this change on all our product labelling, which will follow as soon as possible. Please be assured, despite this change, the nutritional values on pack are still representative of the product.

Is this a safe change?

As always, Food Safety remains an absolute priority for us at Jordans Cereals, and this change has been made in line with recommendations by the Food Standards Agency, on the basis that it poses minimal risk to consumers. For more information about this, please visit:

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