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Tess Lomax
Brand Controller

Hi I’m Tess,

I work with everyone in the team here to ensure we’re creating great quality, delicious products for our customers now and that we’ve got the right plans and ideas to keep doing so in future years. I’m incredibly proud to be working for a brand that works with its suppliers to not only create great ingredients but also do right by the wildlife that lives alongside us.

I’m lucky enough to live in a village, with gorgeous farmland or woodland walks on my doorstep. Our Labrador loves to explore every sniff of the countryside (unfortunately for us - the smellier the better), and so walks in all types of weather are very much the norm. I find nature to be an incredibly calming influence – the creak of the trees in the woods, the smell of the ground after a downpour or the springtime cacophony of birdsong. I will never get bored of it and actively seek out its influence every day.