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Nina Howse
Digital Manager

Hi I’m Nina,

In my role as digital manager at Jordans I have a strong focus on telling our stories about the work we do in protecting and growing nature, as well as showing off our completely delicious granola. I love getting to know all about the incredible care that goes into our products and seeing the genuine passion across teams to protect biodiversity. I have to admit that before joining the team I didn’t know a huge amount about biodiversity but it’s now something I’m hugely passionate about in and out of work.

I never thought I would say this but I’m now a keen (if very slow) runner! I get so much energy from getting out in the fresh air for a run, listening to a podcast and learning something new. I’m trying my best to learn some new crafting skills and have started some cross stitch and punch needle projects. We’ll see how those go! More than anything, I love being out in nature for a good long walk and running around with my two daughters.

Nature gives me energy and a sense of perspective. I love seeing how everything works so well together – from the smallest insects to the tallest trees. Whatever happens, I always feel better after spending some time surrounded by nature.