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Melissa Green
Jordans Innovation Manager

Hi Iā€™m Melissa!

I have the dream job of exploring new ideas and products for Jordans, from delicious new flavours to exciting new cereals and snacks. I get to work with some amazing people as we transform these new ideas into reality.

I love to cook at home for my family and friends. I am often trying out new recipes and looking for ways to add my own twist ā€“ keeping the food I make exciting, enjoyable and healthy. My first memory of cooking was from childhood, standing on a chair at the kitchen table, helping my Mum create the most delicious cakes and puddings. Nowadays, my challenge is cooking for a family of 5, including 3 hungry teenagers, one of whom is gluten free.

I try to cook with the very best ingredients available and I am inspired by Jordans who care so passionately about protecting nature ā€“ the source of all that we eat. Living in a small village that is surrounded by beautiful woodland, provides a great escape to recharge us as a family and have fun collecting the seasonal offerings: elderflowers in June for cordial, blackberries in September for crumbles, and sloes in October for gin.