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Mark Anderson
JDR Environmental Manager

I have worked at Jordans for more years than I can probably remember having done roles mostly in operations and the world of HSE, before getting the great opportunity to work solely on all things that help protect the environment we at Jordan’s and our suppliers work in, I always had a passion for just enjoying the pleasure you can get from a walk in the countryside, and imagined what if this was lost.. what a tragedy.

Jordans as a business has always consciously cared for Nature and wildlife, I worked within the business at a time when it was a relatively small family concern, the Jordan brothers that ran it at that time really created a culture of caring about nature, especially as the site was surrounded by a river, and in such a wonderful location.. and that stuck with me as such a great value even though at that time I wasn’t sure what I could do with it.

I now look after our environmental management considerations at site, ensuring we do all we can to minimise any potential impacts on the environment as a result of what we do to produce our Jordans cereals, we are accredited to an internationally recognised Environmental standard so keeping on top of that keeps me busy, I also link that in with the great sustainability work we do throughout our supply chain, something which differentiates Jordans from just another food company.. and being able to contribute to that is amazing... gives you a really good feel factor.

What's so exciting about the role is being able to play a part in preserving the natural world that Jordans touches, and to know that by doing what we do now, it will be there for future generations to enjoy and continue to protect... something really important to me and vital for our natural world to flourish.

When I’m not working I try and play the guitar, I also have an old classic Ford car that in the summer gets me out to local classic car shows, I’m also a new Grandad so I’ll be introducing the wonders of nature to them and hopefully encouraging a new generation to care about the environment we live in..